Interview mit God Mother

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Die Schweden um God Mother haben sich etwas Zeit genommen um uns die Ein- oder andere Frage zu beantworten.

As I witnessed one of their live shows, I can say: God Mother from Sweden isn’t the type of hardcore band you would expect, thinking of the genre becoming more and more generic. These four guys bring pure fucking mayhem, serving a potpourri of grindcore, death metal, sludge, stoner and hardcore.
First of all, thanks for taking the time to do this interview! I hope you guys are all fine. Your songs consist of so many genres and yet they seem so fluent- how did that style evolve and what are your different musical backgrounds?

Thanks for having us! The music we’re playing together evolved very naturally when we started this band. We all took the best from the different music styles we like and it became the hardcore/grind/noise that is God Mother today.

The Vinyl version of Maktbehov, your first LP, is almost sold out – did you expect that great recognition?

We weren’t really expecting it to go so fast! We chickened out in pressing and ordered only 100 pieces, and now they are all gone. Which is a satisfying feel of course. Right now we are looking at new pressings in a different color that will probably see the light sometime early next year.

Google Translator says, Maktbehov means “power requirements”. Is that correct and what does it stand for?

It’s wonderful to live in the age of Google translate. Though the translation is roughly off; ‚The need for power‘ is more or less correct. This means in a context of a hunger for might and oppresion over others. The songs throughout the LP are about different topics, but in most songs wether its about organized religion doing more damage than „redeeming“ people, corrupt border control acting above the law they serve, or to refuse being part of a macho norm, theres a red line throughout the album describing social constructs and living in these hieraerchies.

Your songs have both Swedish and English lyrics – how do you decide which language to choose? Does it depend on the topic or is a just a natural feeling?

There is no real reason for what song end up being in swedish or english. We usually write in what feels right at the moment and whats close to heart in the song.

In 2014 you went on tour in South- America, probably as one of the first Swedish hardcore bands ever. Why did you decide to give it a try, even not having released your full length yet?

This was actually in Central- America! We got contacted by a small independent booking crew and they wanted us there as headline for a tour, as well as us wanting to play so far abroad. This was when we only had our earlier releases „Imitation EP“ and „Inga Budskap Kvar“ but we got great receptions. It was an amazing experience that feels unreal since.

What are your plans for the rest of the year? Do you already work on new stuff?

There’s actually a new split coming up with an unconfirmed release date but hopefully already sometime this year. In between doing some shows in Sweden we’re also writing on what will become our new full length LP. We feel great about it and have a pretty clear vision on where we wanna take the next album music wise.

On your last two tours, you played a lot of shows in Germany. When can we expect to see you again?

Atleast within a year from now for sure, we really love to play there.

Thanks again for taking the time! Hope to hear from you soon!“


Roy Weissheimer

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