Interview mit Liam (BITTER YOUTH/PLEDGE)

13912467_529470080570445_4342396140869845116_nBITTER YOUTH haben auf ihrer Europatour mit WILD LIFE halt in Weimar gemacht. Die Boys aus Liverpool haben den Laden mit einem kraftvollen Set abgerissen und sie gehören zu den sympathischsten Menschen, die wir je bei uns zu Gast hatten. Da UKHC ja gerade abgehyped wird, wollte ich den Fokus mal von den Hauptacts wie BROKEN TEETH auf kleinere Bands lenken, deshalb habe ich mit Liam von BITTER YOUTH und PLEDGE ein Interview über seine beiden Projekte und britischen Hardcore im Allgemeinen geführt!
Viel Spaß beim lesen!


Flix: Hey Liam, what’s up? Are you doing well?

Liam: Hey Felix! I’m great. I hope you’re doing good?

Flix: You did a tour through Europe with BITTER YOUTH, including a gig at our place in Weimar. How was your tour with WILD LIFE? What is most important to us: How did you like the gig in Weimar? Would you want to play here again?

Liam: Our tour was awesome, we honestly couldn’t have asked for anything more. Wild Life were a blast to tour with too. The show with you guys was a lot of fun, even though there was only a few hardcore kids there they all really got into it and made it a cool vibe. The venue blew my mind, I said the guys that it reminded me of a punk for Hogwarts, or as I still refer to it ‘Punkrockwarts’. Playing another show in Weimar would definitely be cool.


Flix: BITTER YOUTH supported DOWN TO NOTHING and BROKEN TEETH in the Cassiopeia in Berlin. Your opinion on that gig?

Liam: That show was awesome. Opening a show that big usually means playing to a giant empty room but it actually surprised me how many people came down early to watch us play. I guess people in Berlin are up for checking out new bands!


Flix: What’s next for BITTER YOUTH? Any plans for a full length?

Liam: I don’t think a full length will be on the cards for a while. Our 7” only came out about 6 months ago but we are starting to write some new material. We don’t want to force anything so I guess we’ll just drop something whenever it feels right.


Flix: You are singing for a new band named PLEDGE. Tell us a bit about this new project. What kind of sound is to be expected?

Liam: Myself, Chris and Adam who play in Bitter Youth have wanted to do a straight edge band for a while. I just wrote it my room and sent it to the guys to learn. We’re actually in the middle of recording the demo at the moment. It was hard to pin point a particular ‘era’ that I wanted to it sound like so I just tried to jam in all of the elements of youth crew that push the buttons for me. I’d like think that there are parts in there for all straight edge kids.

Flix: When can we start to get excited about a first a EP?

Liam: It will be my mission to have it out at least online before the year is out.

Flix: Are you planing on touring through Europe anytime soon? If so, we’d love to host a show for you in Weimar.

Liam: There’re nothing in the works as of yet but we are all sure we want to come back early next year.


Flix: In Europe UKHC is a huge thing right now. Bands like BROKEN TEETH or HIGHER POWER are groundbreaking and there is a big hype attached to hardcore from the UK. What are your thoughts on this?

Liam: It’s sick that you think that. I feel like it’s hard for kids to be proud of the UK but when it comes to hardcore I’m glad that it’s very much the opposite. I feel like the UK needs to be turned on to what is going on on the mainland more though.

Flix:What are your favourite british harcore bands?

Liam: Obviously Power and Teeth are killing it right now as you said. Currently for me I’d say Insist, True Vision, Blind Authority, Frame of Mind, Revulsion, Arms Race and The Flex. Past bands I’d say Survival, Violent Reaction, Guidance, xRepentancex.

Flix: What about gigs in the UK? What are locations and promoters like? Are there enough crews to host the shows?

Liam: I’d say the key cities at the moment are London, Leeds and Glasgow. The scenes are pretty strong in those areas and there are a ton of kids always wanting to do shows.

Flix: Is there anything else you wanna tell our readers?

Liam: Shout out the L1HC, Noyade Stuck In A Rut. Keep an eye out for new bands Promise and Sweet Vision. Keep starting bands and going to shows. Spend less time on the internet and do shit with your mates. Complaining gets you nowhere. Get off your arse. XXX



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