Interview with Teething – Spain´s strongest Export

Credits: AE S.Rando

TEETHING ist eine der derzeit angesagtesten Grind-HC Combos aus ganz Europa. Die Spanier legen mit ihrer Mischung aus heftigem, düsteren Hardcore und alles zerschrotendem Grind, regelmäßig sämtliche Locations in Schutt und Asche. Grund genug um Sänger Luis mal mit Fragen zur Band, Szene oder seiner Leidenschaft für abstrakte Illustrationen, zu bombardieren.
ttHey guys, rad that you’ve found the time to answer us some questions. First of all: can you introduce yourself and explain our readers what TEETHING is about?
Luis: No way, thank you for the interest in us. Teething is four hardcore dudes from Madrid playing grindcore. Like a lot of hardcore bands, we are just a bunch of busy guys who like to spend the little free time we have releasing seven inches and playing basements.

You just released your new 7″ named Shit Generation. As usual you’re tearing everything apart. How was the feedback you’ve received until now? And were fans complaining about the massive neckache they’ve gained from listening to it?
shitLuis: Appreciate the nice words. The songs on the Shit generation EP aren’t acually new material. It’s three previously released songs compiled into one release. They were all written and recorded during different years but they all follow the same theme, so it kind of works when you put them together. Tu Pa Tu Tu Pa Records and us like releasing fun shit once in a while. It was a limited run of 120 copies and each record came with a quick drawing by me on the b-side. Shit sold out in hours which was very flattering.

Beside of several split releases with such bands as BESTA, FEASTEM and RAVAGE RITUAL you guys released numerous 7″ already. Is there a full album planned in the near future or will you stick with the output you have by now and concentrate on paying shows instead of the long writing/working process?
Luis: We are hitting the studio in late 2016 to record our first full length LP. We made the conscious decision of locking ourselves up for several months to write a bunch of songs. No live shows, no distractions. It’s been frustrating and challenging, in a good way, and I hope that comes across in the recording. Can’t wait to release this album and have the end product in my hands.
I had the privilege to see you live before back then when you were on tour with the mighty TEETHGRINDER. I kept that show in my mind. Not just because of the more than great sound but because of the sheer authentic energy and passion you put into your live shows. Is it special important for you to bring the message and the frustration your songs are dealing with into your live performance and as near as possible to your audience?
Luis: The most important thing for us is the live show, everything else is Plan B. This kind of music should be about the energy and emotions, not necesarilly technicality or pristine sound.

Credits: Sergio Alber Photos

For the Gearnerds: what equipment are you using to get that massive & pissed sound out of your amps? Anything you can recommend?
Luis: I’m the vocalist, sorry but you’d have to ask the other guys to get into the specifics. All I can say is that our bassist uses very similar equipment as Unsane because Unsane has the most crushing bass sound.

Your artwork is a common thread throughout all your releases and couldn’t be more fitting. Who’s behind your creative artwork output and why have you chosen this style in particular?
Luis: I’ve pretty much created all of the artwork for Teething. To the people who personally know me as a friend, that imagery kind of makes sense. You could say it’s my personality on paper. At the beginning, I made a conscious decision to create a visual identity for the band and the result came naturally.

In the past years you’ve played a lot of shows with different bands. Which of these bands should we pay special attention to?
Luis: Our old pals in Ravage Ritual just released a new album called Higher Power and it’s hard as fuck. They’ve evolved into something I wasn’t expecting and it works great. It’s more metalic-hardcore sounding, in an Integrity kind of way. More guitar solo’s in hardcore please!

Every now and then we hear that it’s not usual to give a band a certain amount of insouciance when it comes to food or a place to stay. Maybe you experience all people being grateful. How experienced you things in the retrospect? Have you collected bad memories or especially good ones?
Luis: Most experiences have been amazing. People are so caring and friendly in our scene. That’s one of the things I love the most about being in a band: meeting great people and making new friends. Sure, there have been bad experiences but that’s better than no experiences, right?
Personally I am a big fan of your merchandise because you always seem to have all these sick designs. Will there be any new designs in the near future? Where would you recommend getting them? From the band directly?
Luis: Dude, we always have so many killer ideas in the works! For online merchandise, you should hit our band camp page. Lately, people seem to enjoy my illustration so maybe we’ll do some of those. Shameless plug:

In Weimar we can’t wait to have you over and host you again. When we have the opportunity to see TEETHING again? Any plans for a tour in 2017?
Luis: Weimar was fucking cool, what a killer place to play. I remember having a throat infection during the first half of that tour. I was especially pissed that day because I was having a lot of trouble singing during the show. We’ll definitely try to be back in 2017 to make up for it. Germany in general is great, we can’t wait to go back.

Imagine you had the chance to freely choose a band to go on tour with. Who would it be?
Luis: Exhumed, I love that band and those dudes. I’ll take gore metal and fart jokes over anything, any day. Except my dog Bingo, I like him more.

Your chance to express yourselves for the Heavy HC scene.

Luis: Thanks so much for paying attention to us. There are so many bands out there and we appreciate your time.

Thank you so much for your time Luis!

Luisifer – Illustration & Design

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