Path – Annotatio Sacerdotis De Morte Mercatoris Innocentis

pathDie Osnabrücker Black/Doom Metal Combo PATH bringt mit ANNOTATIO SACERDOTIS DE MORTE MERCATORIS INNOCENTIS eine neue EP heraus. Wir veröffentlichen heute den Stream zum kommenden Tape. Epischer Blackened Doom Metal der euch mit Hilfe seines düsteren Konzeptes, auf eine Reise durch längst vergangene Tage Europas führt.

Hier ein paar Worte der Band über das Konzept hinter dem Tonträger:

„Finally the news!
We will release a new EP called „Annotatio Sacerdotis De Morte Mercatoris Innocentis“ in the coming month (exact date etc. still not sure). It features two new songs which take the listener on a journey to the year 1347 and to the story of an Italian merchant who tries to escape the black plague, only to find his death in a lonely French village. All lyrics are again in Latin and everything has been recorded and mixed by ourselfs.
Since it is still not sure when the „official“ version will be out, we decided to produce a small run of tapes for our upcoming shows. Limited to 20 pieces, handnumbered and 100% DIY. Only available at the following dates:
04.11. – ?
26.11. – Doom Wood Fest, Sambreville, Belgium (w/ Bathshebah)
17.12. – Morgenstern Fest II, Berlin (w/ Unru, Hexer, Brache, …)

BUT that is not all. Also from the diy – factory: Path Shirts!
A small first run will be available during said shows, but we will make some more once we got the money. The EP will be available via stream this friday afternoon, be prepared!
Last but not least, due to a lack of time, the live bass duties will from now on be done by J (Danos, ex. Unrest, ex. Svffer), his first show will be this friday.

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