An interview with Alucarda – Denmark’s rawest howling beast will probably come back in disguise


Zweizylindrige Horden aus Guss-Stahl schleppen langhaarige Geschöpfe in ledrigen Kutten auf ihrem Buckel von Kleinstadt zu Kleinstadt, während die Chromzügelhalter skrupellos, mit ihren bestialischen Schreien, im Zugzwang wilder Gitarren und etwas monströsem, in diesem Kontext wohl Drums genannt, jeden Phlegmatiker unter ihrem Takt aus den Hütten hin zur lethalsten Form der Tobsucht schleifen.
Was nach einem Russ-Meyer-Streifen mit Horror-Trip-Filter klingt, beschreibt noch viel mehr ALUCARDA – eines der aggressivsten
Fuzz-Gewitter, das ich bisher aus dem Norden hören durfte und gleichzeitig für mich die dänische Uppercut-Antwort auf SATAN’S SATYRS.
Kurz nachdem ein Freund mich auf die drei Dänen hinwies und ich mich eine Weile verdammt exzessiv audio-visuell mit der Band beschäftigt habe, erschien ein Interview von OUTLAWS OF THE SUN mit Hampus, einem Kopf der raubziehenden Truppe. Das damalige Interview, welches vor gut einem Jahr seine Runde machte, bot einen Einblick in der Bande Klänge, die laut Hampus ihren Zenith und zugleich ihr Fundament noch nicht geformt hat und nun im, dort schon angekündigten, neuen Record noch einmal andere Richtungen anzusteuern anstrebt, als die Vorgänger-Releases bereits den Schläfen ihrer Zuhörer im Zweikampf vorstellen konnten.
Da bisher wie gesagt ein Jahr vergangen ist, juckten mir die Finger und ich wollte wissen, wie die Lage bisher steht und was es mit der tödlichen Verzückung namens ALUCARDA weiterhin so auf sich hat.

Hej and raw howls to you, Hampus!
It’s a pleasure to have this opportunity of a chat with you. Before we’ll go ahead, I would like to ask you for a short introduction of yourselves, the band and its hell of a personality.

Hampus: We’re a three-piece rock band called Alucarda, that I started in late 2011. Our latest releases… Or all our releases basically, has more or less been punk with inspirations from the good old classics. Like a mixture of The Stooges, Witchfinder General, Dead moon and Motörhead.

One of the first things, I noticed while listening to one of your songs for the first time, was your captivating name, because it fits both your musical tone and lyrical output.
As I went looking for its origin, I stumbled across Juan López Moctezuma’s 1978 samely titled movie and had the impression, that it fits your audiovisuals quite good aswell. How did the movie and art like this influence your music? Did it have any personal influences besides the title at all?

Hampus: The name was inspired by the girl who’s named Alucarda in the movie with the same title. An evil and deciving lady… Other than that it’s just a great movie.

Speaking of your audiovisual output, I found a lot of similarities between that material and a lot of these vintage looking movies, aural influences and a slight touch of these times‘ darkest moods packed into the shell of your powerful sound. Did you intend to create this kind of theme or have you been working in creative impulses?

Hampus: The depraved cinema years became more and more an inspiration with time. It sure was a source of inspiration already from the start, but the more you dig – the sicker stuff you’ll find. And you can in some way hear that in the music aswell. It sounded way more innocent in the beginning, than what the ‘Rehearsal promo 16’ did… The more morbid movies I saw, the more morbid did the music and lyrics turn out.

How did you start up with the band and how do you look back on your experiences and releases?

Hampus: The project started with another drummer actually. A friend from Sweden, were I lived before moving to Copenhagen. But after some time I wanted the project to be on the same soil as I lived, so I asked Marcus if he wanted to play drums. At this point the material for the D.F.F.L tape was already written and we practised for about two times before recording it.

Our releases have always been recorded very fast, which I’m not a fan of at all to be honest. But that’s just how it turned out..


Founded in Denmarks capital city, Copenhagen, how did you get in touch with music and how would you describe the danish scene in your memory and vision or maybe regarding your activities involved with Alucarda at the moment?

Hampus: It’s a city were alot of people play music – this is both considered good and bad. There’s always some new band being born here, and hopefully they call it quits right after, since pretty often it just seems like something they came up with after sharing 100 beers and decided that they should “start a band”. The plus is that there’s always a place where you’ll get to play.

Would you like to tell us some more things about the danish music scenes, which you at most feel part of?

Hampus: I don’t really see Alucarda as a part of any scene in Denmark. Not that Alucarda is something new to mankind, but I can’t really see where we are, or what we feel part of.

How much of your stage and record performances and which of these in detail do you see as part of your life outside the band? How strict do you personally separate between those? 

Hampus: There’s a connection between my personality and the performances of course. And the lyrics for the new material are more “real”, or influenced by my own life, thoughts and experiences. I don’t think I TRY to seperate between the two otherwise, but it’s not something I’ve thought about really.
It can be viewed as this – Whatever anger you got inside (from ‘your life outside the band’), playing live is definitely the time to let it out. Rock is supposed to be dangerous anyway so don’t hold back. People came to see the band in action, so give them action… I don’t see a concert as “us and the crowd” – It’s us VS. the crowd. Regarding that, for those of you who saw us in Berlin know what I mean… Ha!…

Could you name other movies, records or artists, who you are interested in or may be influencing your work and way of thinking at the moment? 

Hampus: To get it as Alucarda-related as possible, I have to mention MC5, Ted Nugent, The Stooges, Sisters of Mercy, Danzig, Kal P Dal…

Regarding movies, you should look up Unwilling lovers and Forced entry. Both 70s porno sickies – great depraved stuff! Deadbeat at dawn is another favorite movie of mine.

In an interview with Outlaws of the Sun last year, you spoke about your plans and work on a new release, which you described a little bit secretive there.
The interview is from last year’s june and in the meantime you already released a single, which is heading towards the direction of your answers back there, but also kept these raw rhythms of physcial explosiveness in my oppinion.
Did you mentally stay where you described your plans last year or did you make out something completely different up to this date? 

Hampus: In some way I stayed where I wanted it to go, mentally. The songs that were released on the promo tape is still different from what to come. Those songs weren’t really ment to be released, that just happened. Well, the songs were ment to be released, but not as a rehearsal promo tape… The upcoming material (who got no release date or anything whatsoever yet), will be something completely different from the latest tape. Can’t really say much more than that, at this moment. But with the bands mentioned above, you’ll probably get a hint. Some of them have pretty much been an influence all the time, but we’re moving a little bit into a less noisy sound. Still raw, but a “controlled chaos”, if you will.

On your so far released records you reached a rough, but still grooving sound with either heavy, punk-influenced rides or chilling doom-depths.
Could you tell us something about your equipment or how you intended most of your tunes to sound like?

Hampus: Overall the output of the sound has come like a surprise to us as well. We just tried to max it as much as we could most of the times. I did however put alot of time into trying different fuzz-pedals and old amps before recording ‘Raw howls’..

Talking about releases and sound, are there any updates for your output in the future, you may want to share with us? 

Hampus: Like I said, I can’t really say much more than the plan is to get Alucarda a new sound and into another direction. I’ve made some new tracks, but we haven’t started working on the sound itself. We’ve only played two of the songs so far. We don’t really rehearse because of the other bands we’re also involved in and priorotize more. So the only rehearsals we get is basically when we rehearse before a concert. I do remember saying in the interview with Outlaws of the sun, that things would change, but I don’t think it will.

Do you have any hints or plans for merch or show-updates to lose?

Hampus: Nothing at this moment, no. There’s nothing booked so far. We played a short gig at a local bar a month ago, but other than that there’s not really anything to reveal.


Are there any artists, booking acts or bands, you would like to cooperate at the moment?

Hampus: Would be really cool to share stage with Saint Vitus, especially now with Reagers on vocals.

Which shows, festivals or acts would you love to see or play at this year or in the future? 

Hampus: Would really like to see Brainbombs. If time travelling was possible I would like to see Danzig in the 80s, Judas Priest in the 80s and Ted Nugent in 1976…

Do you have any other neat words for some of these noise-hungry people staring here right now?

Hampus: If we’re booked in a town near you – show up!

Und das ist auch meine Empfehlung samt persönlichem Vorhaben. Behaltet die Jungs in der Nähe der Zirbeldrüse, wenn ihr euch ebenso gerne eine solche musikalische Attitüde in die ohrenfällige Ader-Takelage pumpt, wie ich.
Ich bleibe auf jeden Fall wie immer erst mal gespannt, was da noch so angerollt kommt.
Nochmals dicke Grüße nach Kopenhagen!



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