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Interview – CHEPANG (Immigrindcore/ Nepal)

Für mich persönlich sind CHEPANG derzeit eine der interessantesten Grindcore Bands der Welt, was nicht nur am experimentellen Line Up liegt, sondern hauptsächlich an der unglaublich wütenden Attitüde, die diese Combo mit sich bringt. Nachdem die Jungs nun, mit DADHELO, ihr Debütalbum rausgebracht haben, war es an der Zeit einem der Sänger, BHOTEY GORE, mal auf den Zahn zu fühlen und etwas Licht ins Dunkel zu bringen.
Wer in Zukunft bei seiner lokalen Grindcore-Gang mitreden möchte, muss diese Band kennen!

Hey guys, thank you for letting us do this interview with you. How are you doing lately?
We are busy as always with work and school. We are keep our daily grind alive. 

You have released your debut album. How does that feel?
It feels great with all the positive response we’ve been getting.

Chepang stands for an oppressed ethnic group in Nepal. Was your personal background the only reason for you to choose Chepang as your battle name?
„Chepang“ is also used as a derogatory word in some parts of Nepal. We wanted to redefine the slang with power and force so people respect the word. So far it seems to be working. 

What is the current situation like? Is there any progress or does the world population still ignore the suffering of the people?
People have been always suffering everywhere throughout history. They’re still suffering and don’t seem to be changing anytime soon. Anybody who thinks any different is either living in complete delusion or living with pocket full of privileges. 

What exactly lead you to move to America?
We have an extreme urge to capitalize on the capitalists. That could be one of the reasons. Haha.

Do the Chepang know about your band?
Pretty sure they don’t give a fuck about blastbeats. But next time when we go to Nepal we will ask them in person and see what they think. 

To sing in your native language is a Way to reach the Chepang. Will continue to refrain from using English lyrics?
Yes. Nepali is a language that we grew up speaking and makes us what we are. I feel comfortable using it and naturally I will be using it to express our aggression. 

Do you also give, alongside the musical support, financial support? Through donations for example.
If grindcore had money and we were signed to Sony Records with a deal we would give donations. We don’t have enough money to survive and have to work crazy hours. We don’t

How can somebody as a third party, e.g. from Europe, help? Are there any other ways to support Nepal, apart from drawing attention to the issue?
Be a better version of yourself by keeping humanity into consideration. That’s all it matters. 

Do you know of any Nepalese fans or are you only confronted with rejection?
We have been getting lotta support lately which makes us believe they like us. But they is no way of knowing what they really think of us deep inside. We could be a victim of a trend that will die down in years when not supporting us becomes the new trend. 
And what do US citizens of Asian origin think about your band? Do you face encouragementor do they consider you problematic?
We don’t really care to be honest. We do what we do not to gain popularity or get accepted. This is for us to keep us sane. What others think of us is their business. But if you come to us with open arms with love and share similar values, we will do the same. 

Have you ever thought about doing an Asian tour or is that too dangerous at the moment?
Asia is our home and we are safe there. We will tour as soon as our schedule permits.Do your lyrics exclusively deal with the Chepang or do you write about other topics, too?Our lyrics are based on what I see in our culture and society. I don’t really write anything that’s related to chepang. „Chepang“ is symbol of being lower caste and oppressed. Almost like seeing the world from the bottom. 

I especially enjoyed DADHELO. What were the reactions to your debut like in general?

When Ralf from HOLY GOAT RECORDS recently set up his distro stand here in Weimar, we got talking. But what I didn’t completely understand was how your collaboration came to be? How did everything start?
We have known each for couple of years now and we are more like brothers than bandmates. Our love for fast and heavy music brought us together to write this. There was no intention of forming „grindcore“ band. It just so happened this kind of music is called grindcore. I personally still don’t think we are a grindcore band. We don’t like to be in a box, it destroys your creativity and you will sound like every other band that pops up every other day with same pattern, same beats and same structure. If you want to hear a similar song played by different people then I don’t have anything to say but we like keep things interesting and spicy.

There is talk about the possibility to see you in Europe in 2018. How far along is the planning? Are any gigs or cities set in stone?
Europe is all confirmed from July 11-July 22. Just waiting to announce it officially , so do watch for that . An exclusive shirt and flier coming soon via Hal Rotting for this tour as well. In terms of record in 2018, yes there is a 4 way cross continental split coming out soon via Cricket Cemetery Records between us , Test(Brazil), Bandit(Philadelphia) And Organ Dealer ( NORTH New Jersey). All the recordings will be done by Feb and we will have the vinyl on the Euro Tour . It’s a special release with all our friends , all over various continents, international grindcore assault collaboration. A little insight to the record is that the songs will be curated in a such a way that every song will be in a random order regardless of the band. It will feel like it’s a blast love affair and the songs match each other and the bands as well. There will be no song names in the record cover , so it’s a guessing game.

Do you have more records scheduled for 2018 and to keep up working with HOLY GOAT RECORDS?
No the split if the only one planned. Of course we will work with Holy Goat until we can play music, all hail the goat. Ralf is such a sweetheart , we are bonded by Grind and most importantly Beer. 2019 you will be able to see a double LP , 60 minutes of Grind as promised in our first year …

CHEPANG Bandcamp
CHEPANG Facebook

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