2 Steps Into the Hardcore Punk Scene Of Poland – Part II (English Version)

Ever since I got an deeper insight into the Polish hardcore punk scene a few years ago and through very thorough research, I came to the conclusion that I have completely fallen in love with the unbroken diy-spirit of our neighbouring country. Besides the now well established combos like THE DOG, THE LOWEST or HEATSEEKER you will be able to discover several new bands that are definitely worth knowing. This article will give you an rough overview about the still much too underrated punk scene, while illustrating the positive development since our last check in 2 Steps Into the Hardcore Punk Scene Of Poland.

TORPUR (Skate/Noise Punk – Krakow)
a2058519125_10For example TORPUR, who play an obscure sounding mixture of metallic skate punk and crust. The combination of whirlwind drumming, groovy guitar playing and abstract yelling go together perfectly and shows that they know what they’re doing. Skateboarding heavy metal punks should definitely not miss out on this band!

FALSE ACT (Hardcore Punk/ Raw Post Punk – Torun)
a1237153929_10Good 80s hardcore punk is only possible in America, England or Sweden? Nope. FALSE ACT’s music stands out from the crowd with a light post punk influence and an impending threat of a dark no future bludgeoning. Ice-cold catchy melodies, grumpy vocals and stomping passages are waiting for you and depict a bleak outlook on the future.

STAY NOWHERE (Garage/Emo/Punk – Krakow)
a1724028367_10Even for the basically extinct emo-genre Poland has a great band to offer. STAY NOWHERE are currently considered the best band of the scene by many Poles and fans of BASEMENT, SANDLOTKIDS or TITLE FIGHT will probably agree. The soulful vocals, in interaction with varied instrumentals, get under your skin and set the listener right back into vivid memories of the depressive state they found themselves in constantly during their puberty.

SLUG ABUSE (Punk/Garage/Grunge – Torun)
a2924010838_10SLUG ABUSE mix dark post punk, groovy garage and rocking hardcore á la TWITCHING TONGUES or WHORES convincingly due to the sad Eastern Block atmosphere and distinctive vocals. If you like catchy rock songs with a hymnic punk touch, you won’t miss this trio sooner or later.

JAD (Raw Punk/Hardcore – Warszawa)
jadThe Warsaw Hardcore Punks JAD have dedicated themselves to classic, fast USHC, which sounds, among other things through lyrics in the national language, like a dark Eastern bloc offshoot of the Washington scene. Various changes of tempo and the deliberately scratchy production in contrast with the good looks of the combo make them sound even more aggressive conveying an authentic raw punk feeling.

FLUX (Raw Punk/D-Beat – Wroclaw)
fluxFLUX actually sound as raw and fucked up as their artwork might suggest at first glance. Nasty, stomping, raw punk meets up with cranky post punk here – which already provides a juicy adrenaline rush in your own four walls. The disgusting sounds are incredibly catchy, underpinned by disturbed reverberating vocals and should please every fan of disgusting punk.

PRISONERS BY CHOICE (Oi!/Post Punk – Lublin)
a4211254019_10If you know the first part of this series, you might remember PRISONERS BY CHOICE. Thanks to their latest promo tape, the Polish Oi! band is back on my screen. PBC deliver relatively melodic US-Oi!, where especially the distinctive, rough vocals stand out. In addition, you come across a lot of hymnal elements from post- and street punk resulting in the perfect soundtrack for the next bar fight.

nvWith NEGATIVE VIBES we shoot directly the next OI! band from Poland your way. Less melodic than PBC, but with more hardcore influences. Vocals and drumming are reminiscent of NWOBHC and the guitar playing of 2000s Skinhead HC from the Netherlands. In short, this band should appeal to fans of VIOLENT REACTION as well as lovers of old NO TURNING BACK stuff. For me, NEGATIVE VIBES, besides LAZY CLASS, are currently the best Oi! band Poland has to offer.

FORESIGHT (90´s Hardcore/ Straight Edge -Czestochowa)
fsSomewhere between melodic Straight Edge offshoots of the mid-nineties and modern hardcore elements, FORESIGHT are to be found l. The debut EP was released directly via YOUT2YOUTH RECORDS for a reason. The sound, above all by the distinctive, slightly lethargic vocals, gives a lot and played live should allow for a lot of stage dives. Another highlight is definitely the local guitar playing.

HEAVY RUNNER (Hardcore/Crossover – Lower Silesian Voivodeship)
a0069334774_10Probably the dullest band the Polish hardcore has to offer at the moment is HEAVY RUNNER. Musically, the Poles deliver pure hardcore streets, which reminds of BODY COUNT, SKARHEAD and Co. thanks to a slight rap influence. The vocals are sometimes overdumped, which makes a comparison with SHEER TERROR inevitable. Nevertheless, it grooves really well and gets stuck in your ear easily.

TORN SHORE (Hardcore Punk/ Mathcore – Wroclaw)
a1552171252_10Chaotic guitars and heavy hardcore punk drumming are definitely some of the strengths of TORN SHORE. The band delivers a huge bang that blows through the ear canals with excellent drumming, killer vocals and especially wild riffing. If you like calibers á la BOTCH, WAYSTE, and Co, you should definitely take a listen.

THE THRONE (D-Beat/Metallic Hardcore – Szczecin)
throneIf you like dark hardcore, THE THRONE will definitely interest you. However, the combo makes more use of the uncompromising and gloomy elements of this genre than of the post-crap. Moreover, you can find inspiration from D-Beat and Metallic Hardcore, which makes the sound of THE THRONE inimitably hard and reminds of bands like THE SECRET, CURSED or BAPTISTS.

WSZANIEC (Noise Punk/ Experimental Garage – Krakow)
a4071667290_10To be honest, WSZANIEC have nothing to do with hardcore punk. But the band enchanted me with their experimental garage punk and made it into this article. The sound alternates between abstract noise-parts and dark groovy punk, occasionally drifts into psychedelic tracks and seems to know no boundaries. Everything together sounds pretty crazy, and positively reminds of classical representatives of Noise-Rock.

HIDDEN WORLD (Hardcore/Grunge – Pulawy)
a1894677479_10Another melodic hardcore punk band you shouldn’t miss is HIDDEN WORLD. You will be fired up with emotionally charged sounds that have been clearly influenced by bands like VERSE, ANOTHER BREATH or HAVE HEART. The fitting in of grunge elements provides enough independence to set them apart musically from the artists mentioned above.

GLAMOUR (Hardcore Punk/Stomp Punk – Warszawa)
a3884905551_10 (1)The Diy scene of our neighbouring country also has good, stomping metalpunk to offer. GLAMOUR let the chains rattle and would easily make a great split partner for bands like POWERAGE. The snotty punk vibe and the nasty riffings make the songs of the Poles into extremely catchy tunes, which you could sing along to if it weren’t for the language barrier. But it should also excite fans of rumpled boot-punk completely.

BRAINEATER (Crossover/Grindcore – Warszawa)
a4135460191_10BRAINEATER have their roots in grindcore and know how to convince with fast blastbeats. But also heavy mosh or groovy crossover parts don’t seem to be unknown to the band. All in all, the Poles deliver surprisingly fresh thrashcore, which you can stomp, push and sing along to.

SANITY CONTROL (Old school Thrash – Warszawa)
a0014070337_10If you prefer pure old school Thrash Metal you should definitely check out SANITY CONTROL. Especially the riffings packed in well produced sounds, menage to get stuck immediately. The short-lived but solid demo can do even better than the cold canned beer in the summer sun.

LWSTNDRDS (Noisegrind/Hardcore Punk – Zabrze)
a0192921398_10 (1)If you like noisy Death Metal á la FULL OF HELL mixed with Hardcore Punk, Powerviolence or Doom you should start listening to LWSTNDRDS immediately. Most of the time the two fire grumpy, fast sounds your way. The listener gets variety only by the rare, slow parts, which vary somewhere between mossy Hardcore Breaks and heavy Doom. The recording quality is deliberately kept rough, but fits in perfectly and gives the duo’s music the final touch.

BASTARD DISCO (Noise Rock/ 90´s Post HC – Warszawa)
a1482806919_16The final artist of the series is BASTARD DISCO, one of the most exciting 90´s Post Hardcore Bands from Poland. The rough, frustrated Eastern Block charm the songs are marked with is the only major difference between the records of old Noise Rock/ Post Hardcore bands and BASTARD DISCO. If you like listening to UNWOUND, FUGAZI and SONIC YOUTH, you should definitely get to grips with this group!

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